NBA tournament recommended – Spurs VS Mavericks


The January 18, 2016 08:00 is expected to debut: the Spurs: Parke, Green, Danny, Leonard, Aldridge, Duncan; Dallas: Deron Williams, Mathews, Parsons, Nowitzki, Zaza Pachulia

Youter western sports: 11.5 points for the Spurs ".

The Mavericks had two defeats were lost to knight and thunder, and on their road to war (+0.5 to 2.5) 83-77 win over the bulls, stop the losing streak trend, the team record of 23 wins and 18 losses, to fifth in the West; the Spurs ten game winning streak, and the team with 35 wins and 6 losses record continued to sit tight in second place, it is worth noting that the current spurs and the Western Conference warrior's margin of victory has been reduced to 2.5, while leading the Mavericks 12 games.

The Spurs scored 10 game winning streak, and can win by 16.4 points, the team is very good, the Spurs this season averaging only 89.8 minutes left, the team defense alliance strongest wave in this game, the Spurs play only one game scoring Pobai, all will present all can maintain a strong defense consciousness, and the Spurs on the offensive end of the play is also a flexible team in front of many point of attack, the offensive team of excellent, more worth mentioning is the Spurs this season without a home court defeat, the team is the strongest team League home court battle, the campaign if can maintain normal water level, the Spurs win the home court completely is not a problem.

The Mavericks beat the bulls in battle on the road, the team will be able to get rid of the losing streak, the team morale encouraged, and the Spurs compared to the Mavericks are not young, instead the main team structure is still more old, and the team is also the new season is re established, but the old team between running successfully, a model of positive combat team at present there are people on the pitch, but the calf overall combat capability is still not with the Spurs this season at par, Dallas averaged still net lost the match 2.5 points, the Sanantonio devils home court challenges, so the guest war ability cowboy really difficult to have much chance of winning.

Recommended 11.5 wins.