NBA tournament recommendation – sun VS Knight

NBA赛事推荐2In December 29, 2015 10:00, the two sides is expected to debut: Knight: Mozgov, James, Smith, Le Fu J.R.-, Erwin; Sun: Loire, Ryan, Tucker, Booker, Nate. Please look forward to.

The game youter western sports: 8.5 points for the Knights ".

The NBA regular season, the sun sits against the Phoenix knight. The Knights lost two games, Christmas negative enemy warriors, then has been a pioneer in slaughter. Knight's recent offensive state is too bad, has been shooting for 3 consecutive games failed to reach 40%, this is the first time since January 2014. The knight wants to stop the losing streak, must improve the attack quality, encounters the sun to provide the opportunity for them to rebound. The sun is averaging 105.4 minutes left, Soyuz fourth points is large, the recent wave of four successive defeats have two points 110+.

The sun recently suffered 4 defeats, the battle is lost to number one in 76 people in the league and home court, the state of the team really bad, 76 people fight against the strength of the weakest and Sun Alliance, failed to grasp the opportunity to rebound, the opposite team will start showing from enemy mentality, the first section will lose 14 points. Although after struggling to catch up, but ultimately unable to fill the pit, the battle lost at the same time and the core of Bledsoe's injury, it is doubtful that another key player Makiv Maurice might also miss, so canzhen sun live fire strong converting to resist the eastern.

The knight nearly two battle in continuous away defeat, the team needed a victory to revive morale, after Christmas to enemy warriors, the battle at the back to back is the underdog Knight Blazers kuangtu 29 points, this is definitely not truly reflect the lost Knight fighting force, battle full pressure start Knight receptor the team, even in the early after the first half out of the game, and this is the main reason for the team defeated, the knight will break through, all the physical has been fully restored, Erwin will go into battle again, this trip a knight will greatly increase combat power machine.

Recommend this game to let the Cavaliers 8.5 points.