Youter Club – Super Fantan (GPI)


Youter live entertainment city "super Fantan" game, with OneTwo cards instead of white button, three tables for the lottery on the basis of reality. Super Fantan real game, breaking the traditional Fantan, simple and novel, varied gameplay for your detailed interface gameplay and skills.

Fan Tan is Chinese ancient village game, the traditional way using white buttons, tureen, stick; Zhuang cover a number of household with buttons, all bets after the open button tureen, Four as a group, with sticks dial buttons, the remaining number is less than or equal to Four, the number of the last remaining betting game player.


Super fan Tan in the original play up, use OneTwo cards, representing different points from A-K respectively, the sum of the points, divided by Four, the remaining number of betting. OneTwo dice, points to 8 or 9 points into the bonus payment.

The way and the share rate of the shares are as follows:

Betting fan: betting a single number, out to win, the rest is lost.


Bet type Payment 奖金局Payment
Some One Two.85:One Three:One
Some Two Two.85:One Three:One
Some Three Two.85:One Three:One
Some Four Two.85:One Three:One

Betting read: betting Two numbers, the One to win, the One for, and the other for the loss of Two.


Bet type The winner. And Bureau Odds
One Nian Two One Two One.90:One
One念Three One Three One.90:One
One念Four One Four One.90:One
Two念One Two One One.90:One
Two念Three Two Three One.90:One
Two念Four Two Four One.90:One
Three念One Three One One.90:One
Three念Two Three Two One.90:One
Three念Four Three Four One.90:One
Four念One Four One One.90:One
Four念Two Four Two One.90:One
Four念Three Four Three One.90:One



Bet type The winner. Odds
OneandTwo One或Two 0.95:One
OneandFour One或Four 0.95:One
TwoandThree Two或Three 0.95:One
ThreeandFour Three或Four 0.95:One



Bet type The winner. Odds
large 86-OneFourFour One:One
Small TwoFour-8Two One:One
and 8Three、8Four、85 7:One

Betting single \/ double: remaining points betting.



Bet type The winner. Odds
single One、Three 0.95:One
double Two、Four 0.95:One

Bonus board function