Mobile phone flash back issue [technology]


Flash software is a very annoying thing! When we are playing with the phone, open a mobile phone software will occasionally suddenly flash and then exit to the background, or pop-up login dialog box. I believe a lot of players have encountered such a friend flash back phenomenon, which in the end is what the reasons should be how to solve it? Xiaobian for you to explain in detail, look at this technical post, I believe you will not encounter "flash back" ~!

[Brief]In the case of a mobile device (e.g., iOS, Android), a sudden exit interrupt occurs when an application is opened (similar to a Windows application crash). Multi performance: application screen flashed past, then returned to the desktop.


There may be a number of reasons for the application:

1, application vulnerabilities:The development of application code defects, resulting in the majority of equipment running the program will appear when the flash back. This situation requires developers to solve.

2, equipment problems:Including system firmware version does not support, system configuration (CPU, RAM, etc.) does not support. This situation shows that some devices can operate the program, and other devices will flash back.

When you log on to the web page has a flash back tips, please change the URL or restart the browser to log in to try, if there is still a flash back, please contact us 7X24 hours online customer service consulting!

Mobile phone software always flash back how to do?


Usually in the use of software in the process, will produce some junk files, if not cleaned for a long time will lead to more and more mobile phone cards, there will be flash back.

Enter settings - applications - all - find a problem with the application, clear data or cache.

Note: clear data, will clear the application of personal settings, account information, etc.. )


If you do not set up, a lot of software will run on their own, and the mobile phone background program will cause too much memory, resulting in the application of flash back. If the software flash back, you can first clean up the memory and then try.



Part of the mobile phone software, there are malicious code, will be blocked by anti-virus software and therefore can not be normal, it should be downloaded through the green platform or the use of the software store to download a higher security factor of the game.

Note: the above three reasons can now be cleared through security software, easy to solve. But you need to be careful when deleting some large files. )



If the application version is low, it will cause the application software is not compatible, resulting in flash back. If the version is too old, update to the new version.

If there is a new version of flash back, the application is still in the debug version, no need to worry, will soon be repaired.



Part of the software needs a stable network, the use of 3G\/4G network, causing the possibility of flash back is relatively large, it is recommended to use WiFi in the case of a better connection.


Some big games need a packet to run. So you need to install a packet to use.



Some versions of the software have certain requirements, if the system version is too low, the software is not supported, it will flash back.



Some of the software on the phone resolution has certain requirements, if the phone is not compatible with the resolution, some software is prone to flash back or other errors.


Android mobile phone flash back how to solve?


2, you can download a computer housekeeper housekeeper official website.

3, then the phone through the data cable connected to the computer, the phone for deep optimization.



Apple phone flash back how to solve?

1, App compatibility issues

This usually occurs between the old App and the new system. For example: for example, you have now upgraded to ios10.1, and when you install a long time has not updated the iOS10 is not compatible with the App, then it is likely that there will be a flash back. The solution is to wait for the App update before installing.

2, the background program is not enough memory

Have to say iOS optimization do very well, fluency is also much better than the android. When you open a lot of programs. At this time the background program too much memory when there will be insufficient flash back phenomenon. Solution: double click the Home button to turn off the background and then turn to see all the App flash back.

3, jailbreak modify font

Part of the jailbreak users may appear App flash back phenomenon. Especially for the beautification of font, you can change the font of the general not all words touched no font will flash back. Solution: in exchange for the original font or not to jailbreak to solve the general.

4, in the third party tool installed App

Many friends like to use third party tools to install App. Although these mobile assistant download free software game speed is also very fast, but after all, it is not genuine App is easy to appear flash back or pop-up login box. Solution: the iPhone connected to the computer, the use of a variety of mobile phone comes with flash repair repair function.


Recommendation: try to register a ID in App Store download genuine software, the official application market after multiple testing, security and no flash back phenomenon!

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