The Premier League – Leicester VS Manchester


In December 30, 2015 03:45 both sides is expected to debut: Pepo Schmeichel, Simpson, Leicester, Morgan, Huth and Fuchs, Maheras, Andy, Kanter, Al Brandon, King Okazaki Shinji, Vardi; Hart, Manchester: manga, Sagna, Otamendi pull, Kolarov, Phil Nandy Neo, de Blau Hei, Silva, yaya Toure, Aguero, Stryn

Youter western sports: let 0.5 ball chupan manchester.

British local time the evening of December 29th 19:452015\/16 Premier League nineteenth round of focus of a campaign will be launched in the imperial court, the Leicester team home court against Manchester city. Before the game, Leicester city with 38 points to lead the standings, while Manchester City with 3 points difference of third temporarily, if they can win, is expected to return to the top by virtue of goal difference advantage.

The two teams in the history of a total of 107 times, Manchester City to take advantage of 53 wins, 28 draws and 26 defeats. The two sides played nearly 4 times, the city has won the Premier League last season, the blue moon of Leicester city completed a double play, the foxes beat Manchester City dates back to the 2013\/14 season, 12 years ago.

Leicester this season, the team's top scorer Vardi A new force suddenly rises., contributed. This was born in the England low level league grassroots hero usher in the outbreak of this season, with 15 goals in the premier league standings ranked first scorer. But after the 18 round of the English may maintain attendance due to missed this important battle field and Manchester city. Leicester on Boxing Day 0 1 lost to Liverpool, 10 wins and 8 flat 2 strong broken line. Coach Ranieri said the team into the state is too slow, the last half too tight, 2-3 missed opportunities to tie the score, Maheras admitted that attack the core too fatigue, and remind the team must keep to Manchester city.

Manchester City on the 4 to 1 victory over the home court battle took in nearly 9 battle 5 wins and 4 losses, won or lost. However, the recent blue moon victory only home court, five wins in the home court, but the road was losing streak, 4 consecutive games and a winless, road performance is often compromised. Wei Moffett and Bonnie Yeyetuoniman city recently into the waves frequently, do not worry about the city in nearly 4 battle force, scoring 11 goals. But the defender high Bernie continue to recover, while guarding defense the Gallas, Di Mickey Lys and Wendy are loss of ODA, Manchester City has 9 consecutive battle goal.

Recommend city to let 0.5 ball wins.