Deposit page – [switching line] the latest features

存款页面-[switching circuit]最新功能

The new payment function is now landing youter W88! Alipay, WeChat, online payment has provided the latest function switching circuit []. Deposits only need to check the corresponding button, you can jump to the payment page to pay for the operation ~ easy to click, deposit worry, new features and new experiences, try it together!

If you encounter a payment limit in the deposit, the deposit can not be a mistake. Following figure:


Please close the current page and click againDeposit][enter deposit amount]- Click[switching circuit]Button, re submit deposit request. Following figure:


click[switching circuit]After the system will automatically jump to the new deposit business for your deposit. Following figure:


如果您提交后的二维码失效或是您提交的存款次数过多,都可能导致您遇到支付限额或存款异常的错误提示。小编刚click了[switching circuit]After that, you can continue to submit payment applications. Following figure:

[switching circuit]自述:I am youter W88 pay little helper, when you encounter abnormal deposit cannot jump or display the error, I only need to check, to jump to the payment page.

My advantage is:The number of times you have to wait for your deposit will not be able to apply for the deposit. Do not need to contact online customer service to allow the financial sector to manually cancel the waiting for you to deposit records. You just need to "point me, point me, point me, and you can deposit! I remember the abnormal deposit oh"

For more details, please consult 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!