NBA tournament recommended – Knight VS Hornets

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February 25, 2016 08:00Knight VS waspThe two sides are expected to start:Knight:Tristan - Thompson, Le Fu,, J.R.-,, and Erwin;Wasp:Zele, Malvin - Williams, Batum, Courtney Lee, Kemba Walker.

Youter western sports: Knight -8.5 ".

High efficiency and stability, which is the characteristics of James, who in February 23rd before the confrontation with the piston, 14 consecutive games scoring 20+, the state is quite steady, but on the piston during the war, James misfired, 18 voted 5 in only 12 flat season record low points, 6 turnovers, offensive and defensive both taishishuizhun. Fatigue is the main reason leading to poor performance of James, the Hornets are third days in the Cavaliers play the game in 4 days.

The Knights battle in back-to-back home court against the pistons, the team could not continue the winning streak, the rest battles, fully restored to physical knight to return to winning track, with 40 wins and 15 negative Knight currently ranking the top team is also the eastern, Eastern only a 40 win team, and the team in the home court winning percentage is as high as 8 more, its combat capability in the eastern home court is absolutely none, at present the array has no big Knight injury problems, the ability of the general away game in the face of the wasp, the knight can maintain a proper level, a complete team home court be nothing difficult.

A recent 5 game winning streak, the team state is quite good, of which nearly 3 victories are on the road, the team at the ability has been improved greatly at the beginning of the season, the Hornets traded for backcourt defensive player Courtney Lee, which greatly enhanced the level of the defense team, while the main force Center Eyre Jefferson has in the recent strong regression, the Hornets play and a lot of people, and the team offensive performance are still active, the challenge is the most powerful rival to test the strength of the wasp.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Knight 8.5 points for the win.