The twenty-third round of the French 2016-2017 event recommended

2016-2017 法甲第23轮赛事推荐

Beijing time on 04 February 2017 03:45, will usher in the 2016\/2017 season, the twenty-third round of the French game. This is a game of the French League twenty-third round an early game, the French often appear some popular matinee game game. Marseille is now 33 points points, they ranked in the top sixth, ranked the top fourth Lyon less than 4 points.

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/2\/4 (Saturday) 03:45 Metz Marseille
2017\/2\/5 (Sunday) 00:00 Monaco Nice
2017\/2\/5 (Sunday) 03:00 Bordeaux Wren
2017\/2\/5 (Sunday) 03:00 Dijon Saint Germain
2017\/2\/5 (Sunday) 03:00 Guingamp Caen
2017\/2\/5 (Sunday) 03:00 Lille Lorient
2017\/2\/5 (Sunday) 03:00 Montpelier Bastia
2017\/2\/5 (Sunday) 22:00 Toulouse Angers
2017\/2\/6 (Monday) 00:00 Nantes Nancy
2017\/2\/6 (Monday) 04:00 Saint Etienne Leon


1 this is a game of the French League twenty-third round an early game. The French early game often appear some popular games.

2. 马赛现在的积分是33分,他们排名在第6位,比排名第4位的Leon少4分。

3. 上一场比赛马赛在主场对阵Montpelier,他们以5比1的比分大胜对手,终止了5连败的局面。

4. Metz上一场比赛在客场是1比2输给了Angers。在最近的客场多场不胜。在主场他们最近表现不错,2比0战胜了Montpelier。

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Marseille hemisphere wins.