NBA event daily recommendation – Thunder VS Eagle


December 11th 9:00, NBA thunder VS eagle, the two sides are expected to start:Thunder:Westbrook, Durant, Adams, Robertson, yibaka.Eagle:Teague, Kyle Korver, sefalosha, Millsap, horford. Small series for you to bring forward prediction!

Small series optimistic about the eagle away 8 wins. Less than 212 points.

Tomorrow will return home court against the thunder eagle, which is both the regular season last meeting, in December 1st the first battle, the thunder 100-106 enemy eagle. The thunder want to rely on their offensive in the west to get a place in the championship, while the Hawks want their defense to help them consolidate the status of the east. This is a wonderful match between the spear and shield.

A war thunder away 37 beten not blood blade defeated Memphis, team 6 points scored in double also became the first of the season. Durant voted 11 to 14 to get 32 points, ranging from Wei got 13 points and 16 assists, the thunder and the other four players score reached two figures. For the thunder, the team can revenge eagle, largely to see Durant and Westbrook this pair of twin performance. Durant has two consecutive games off the double feature, face the eagles, Durant can keep this team needs efficient play.
The hawks in the three victory in the past will hit rate control in the 40% following the opponent, in the beat Dallas Mavericks, shooting only 36%, three point shooting in 22.6%, Eagle opponent this season the lowest percentage. At the end of the season, more than 1\/4 of the time, the Hawks team basketball and defense finally played out their power. Tomorrow they encounter thunder, play to win the first task is to limit the thunder gemini. Millsap, who has scored 26 points and a total of 11 rebounds this season for the first time against the thunder, is now the most dangerous attacking point for the hawks. In addition, Huo Fude Teague should also play a better korver.