Youter W88 recommend courteous, gifts 66 yuan rewardThe activity is over, thank you!


Recommend your friends to join youter W88, immediately recommended gifts 66 yuan gifts. Each successful recommendation of 3 people, will receive an additional $100 reward, the more recommended the extra bonus.

Youter W88 offers a full range of online entertainment for the honorable members, are the main products of sports betting, live casino, poker, slots, keno and lottery. Mobile version of the page, the phone has been on-line version of Android. For the feedback you have to youter W88 support, launched special recommend courteous, 66 yuan gifts ".

eachA member of the boardYouter recorded W88 account, as shown below, the mouse on the home page click on the floating mark, [recommended] ceremony, enter the event page.



Your best friend,You must register with the link you sent, otherwise it is invalid. After successful registration within 90 days after the cumulative savings of more than 500 yuan, you will immediately receive 66 yuan gift gift.

Rules and provisions:

  1. All youter active members W88 (referring to a deposit and betting) may participate in the "recommended" activities, only the use of RMB, US dollar, Thai baht, vnd, RM, Indonesia, and member of the India rupee yen.
  2. Recommended to be effective youter active members W88, had at least one cash deposit and effective betting game record.
  3. Recommend recommended the game player must be new membership for the first time in the W88 register youter, and from the date of registration within 90 days a total of more than 500 yuan deposit, recommended in order to obtain the corresponding reward gifts.
  4. If the person recommended itself has one or more youter W88 account, recommended on this account is recommended to apply for preferential will be regarded as invalid.
  5. 当被推荐人合格达到要求,您的推荐礼金 66 人民币(each个成功推荐人)将会立刻派发到您的账户。
  6. 对于推荐人,当您成功推荐each3个人时,即可获得额外的100元奖励,您推荐的会员越多获得的额外奖金也越多。
  7. If the applicant has successfully recommended more than 10 friends, you can contact the joint venture partner to join our joint venture program.
  8. 我们鼓励each位会员邀请朋友参加,但是请注意,each位会员、each户、each台电脑、each一住址、each一电子邮箱地址、each一电话号码、相同支付方式(相同借记卡/信用卡/银行帐户号码/后即支付) 及IP地址只能被推荐一次。如若使用公共电脑(比如:办公室、学习、其他公共区域)进行注册,将不被视为一名新注册会员。
  9. Recommend that people get gifts must be betting back within 60 days of completion.
  10. Three times the amount of cash gifts of the members to complete bets, to withdraw.
  11. General terms and conditions apply to this offer.

If you have any questions about the activities, please contact us for 24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you.