[W88] Italy eudem 2015-2016 Football League thirty-second round race


Beijing time on April 09 (Sunday) 21:00, is about to usher in the first round of the 2015-2016 Italy football league matches, the following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis preview.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/4\/09 (Saturday) 21:00 Flohr Siino Hei International Milan
2016\/4\/10 (Sunday) 00:00 Verona Carle leather
2016\/4\/10 (Sunday) 00:00 Sassuolo Genoa
2016\/4\/10 (Sunday) 02:45 AC Milan Juventus
2016\/4\/10 (Sunday) 18:30 Empoli Florence
2016\/4\/10 (Sunday) 00:00 Naples Verona
2016\/4\/10 (Sunday) 00:00 sampdoria Udine J
2016\/4\/10 (Sunday) 00:00 Turin Atlanta
2016\/4\/11 (Monday) 02:45 Palermo Lazio
2016\/4\/12 (Tuesday) 02:45 Rome Bologna

 AC MilanVSJuventus

Competition focus

Italian Cup final rehearsal:本赛季意大利杯决赛的对阵双方,就是Juventus与AC Milan。对于近年战绩低迷的米兰而言,杯赛冠军是最好的遮羞布,所以早在数月前,红黑军就表达出了必须争冠的目标。但尤文毕竟实力强大,AC Milan有多大机会战而胜之,捧得锦标?此战就是意杯决赛预演,所有人都希望看到更加精彩的对决。

Final suspense:Naples头号得分手伊瓜因奖杯禁赛四轮,对于6分优势领跑的尤文而言,这是争冠的一大喜讯。在尤文剩余对手中,AC Milan是为数不多的考验之一。如果尤文能过关拿下3分,那也将很可能是扫除争冠路上的一大障碍,或者说是扫除意甲冠军的最后悬念。斑马军团能做到吗?

Battle of Milan six:米兰争欧分两条路走:如果红黑军杯赛夺冠,则可直接晋级下赛季欧联杯小组赛,但毕竟对手是尤文,意杯决赛不好踢。如果米兰杯赛只能拿亚军,则必须确保杀入意甲前六,才能拿到下赛季欧战资格。目前米兰49分排第6,萨索罗48分排第7,红黑军压力很大。萨索罗本轮的对手是争欧无望、保级无忧的Genoa,红黑军能否拿分完成保六任务?

The bar of God to keep the team final exam:When a Balotelli in Europe, now has been reduced to rent in Milan, pleading with her to be bought, but the Rossoneri do not want to pay it. The day before the bar of God and trouble, old Maldini died the same day, he made her laugh through the social networking site pictures, the move provoked Milan fans be inopportune or inappropriate condemning. Round before the game, Mikhailovich will be included in the training of God in the first round of Palestinian players, he may get the opportunity. He can use the performance of the dispute, for their own to stay in Milan, for a little more likely?

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommendedACMilan transferee Pingban ball wins.