International friendly – Ukraine VS Welsh


The March 29, 2016 02:00 is expected to debut: Ukraine: Boyko, Purdy J Saif, Kucher, Shevchuk, des based fees, Stepan branch, gamaches, rotan, Gusev, Yamolunke, Zuo Zuya; Welsh, Mathews, Hennessey, Williams, Gan Chester, Laurence, Ledley, Vaughan, Ismail Waxman, Kurt grove, Lille

Youter western sports chupan: Ukraine - 0.5-1.

There are a lot of similarities between Ukraine and Welsh, in qualifying, two teams have many zero closure opponents, rely on the long ball attack and quick counterattack, game style determines their main rivals and to limit opportunistic counterattack, lack of self offense also makes the goal is not very much. Ukraine club in recent years, good results in the European war, the national team is stable, so they can have a good home to keep the ball. Although Welsh has a star aura and higher world rankings, but in the face of the general strength of the team is not much, even in the face of Israel away small role will be in the position, combined with the previous team difficult chengdaqi image and lack of dominant performance, the disc mouth will not Welsh as a strong team in europe.

Ukraine in the midweek friendly home court ball victory over Cyprus, the last 9 home court events 6 wins 2 flat 1 negative results, during the 5 games zero closure opponents, defensive ability is remarkable, in 2016 went to the finals of the European Cup qualification after the training, Ukraine did not move into too many people the manager, more is to adjust the existing lineup, the main center left Zuya from long-term injuries, but from the week of the game, the striker also need time to recover, only 24 years old, high center Bbu Giff J basic game at the opportunity, facing the lack of firepower in the two Welsh. Ukraine still has confidence in an invincible position on the home court.

Welsh in last year's European Cup blockbuster, team history was obtained for the first time to participate in the European Cup finals chance, Baer and Ramsey two players contributed, group phase Welsh scored 11 goals, they arranged the 9 goals of them, but this time before the training, Welsh and Real Madrid Football Association the agreement, Baer will attend the two friendlies, but Ramsey was not selected because of injury, obviously their absence brought Welsh effect, draw in the home court and neighboring Northern Ireland hard week, Welsh only rely on penalties to knock the opponent's gate, away to Ukraine, the team wants to win more difficult.

Welsh recommended the half ball wins.