UEFA Champions League VS Real Madrid


The May 5, 2016 02:45 is expected to debut: Real Madrid: Navas; Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcello, Modric, Crosby, Isko;; Baer, Hersey, C Ronaldo; Manchester: Hart; Kompani, Otamendi, Sarnia, Clichy; sub sub - Toure, Phil Nandy Neo; de Blau Hei, Navas, Stryn; Aguero

Youter western sports chupan: Real Madrid -1 ball.

The history of Real Madrid, a total of 13 times in the Champions League (including the predecessor of the Champions League final), more than any other team, and Manchester City this season is the first in the Champions League semi-finals, team history only once the war in Europe is the final 1969-70 season won the European Cup Winners cup. The two teams had 3 encounters, Real Madrid 1 wins 2 flat, since the 2008-09 season in Liverpool was eliminated, the White army nearly 9 match in the Premier League 6 wins 3 flat unbeaten. At the Spanish team, Manchester City 4 War 3, but the last time this season the group phase, beat Seville.

Real Madrid last week on the road and city into the game and stuffy, back to the home court, as long as we can win again reached the final of the Champions League, but the team's frontcourt recently injured, the main center of Benzema and striker C Ronaldo has fallen due to injury, the former has identified missed the game, and the latter in haste return the case, can find the best feeling is still in doubt, although another striker Baer in excellent condition, but the midfielder Casey Milo injured, will lead to a serious shortage of Real Madrid midfielder against the force, even if the home court advantage, but the Real Madrid is still not easy to reach.

Manchester City last weekend in most major league rotation, the final away game against Southampton, risked losing their UEFA Champions League qualification for leaving the game, coach Pellegrini is determined from the first leg of the remarkable, but the performance point of view, Manchester City still have a large gap in the overall tactical level and Real Madrid, if not goalkeeper Hart play off last week, the team is likely to fall together with the home court, the absence of injured midfielder Silva due to this game, Manchester this game can only rely on a person to attack de Blau Hei, gates opened up no small difficulty to.

Real Madrid have 1 goals.