NBA tournament recommendation – Dallas VS rockets

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2016 04, 07,, 09:35Calf VS rocketThe two sides are expected to start:Calf:Barea, Mathews, Anderson, Nowitzki, and Pachulia;Rocket:Beverly, Ariza, harden, Jonas, Howard, Mo tai.

The game youter western sports: rocket -2 ".
This season the two teams have met 3 times, the Rockets 2 wins and 1 losses. The Rockets have won the last two visits to Dallas and the Rockets have won the last 6 games against the Rockets in the last 8 games. Since January 18, 1997 -1999 in the year of March 25th, the Rockets have not even won the Mavericks on the road 3 times.

The Mavs recently bottomed out, an away win over the Timberwolves scored 4 game winning streak, currently 39 wins and 38 losses are seventh in the west, but the record has been a jazz draw, not yet out of the threat, the home court will certainly try to win.

A rocket led by Harden Harden beat the thunder, the Biao 41 points, both ends of double play very aggressive, less be taken by surprise. Nevertheless, the Rockets 38 wins and 39 losses fell to ninth in the west, seeing the playoffs gradually approaching, the eighth seat Houston Rockets have intense scraping, can not relax, this is a civil war in Dezhou must win game. We had to fight for the playoff game with, the last spot.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game 2 points wins the recommended dallas.