The second round of the French 2016-2017 event recommended

2016-2017 法甲第2轮赛事推荐

Beijing time on August 20th morning, the second round of the French first started, Lyon will return home court against caen. The former rose after the last round victory over morale, plus the team last season league home team beat Lyon Caen, the impact is expected to win.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/8\/20 (Saturday) 02:45 Leon Caen
2016\/8\/20 (Saturday) 23:00 Nantes Monaco
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 02:00 Angers Nice
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 02:00 Lille Dijon
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 02:00 Lorient Bastia
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 02:00 Wren Nancy
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 02:00 Toulouse Bordeaux
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 21:00 Guingamp Marseille
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 23:00 Saint Etienne Montpelier
2016\/8\/22 (Monday) 02:45 Saint Germain Metz

2016-2017 法甲第2轮赛事推荐

Leon VS Caen

Score data

1 Lyon won the League last season, the second. Although they have a big gap with Paris, it is a good season.

2 Lyon in the first game than the 3 to 0 victory over nancy. Lacazette had arranged three goals. As Leon's top players, he can stay in the team is already a huge success.

3 Lyon this season, only one Umm Titi, the other main team to stay in the team, they also pay attention to the new season.

4 Caen won the League seventh in the last season, this is a good result.

5 this season of Caen not too many players deal, they should be able to hold the results of the year.

6 of the first round of the game than the 3 to 2 home court Caen score war Ping leon.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game let the ball wins 0.5-1 recommended leon.