[w88] youter expert perspective: double red four aspect


England's two hundred years club Manchester United and Liverpool every meeting will be the focus of thousands of fans.

Beijing time on September 13th morning, 15\/16 season for the first time double red will ignite the flames of war at old trafford. The new season in the past 4 rounds, both made 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative record, with 7 points respectively in the standings in fifth and seventh, there is no doubt that "well-matched in strength" record make the battle more exciting, and also added to the suspense of the game.

Return to the most basic, but also the most talked about the issue of fans, who can laugh to the end?

The two contest frontcourt general Rooney and with the Reds defender Skrtel and pres clini will become the game's benchmark, but this is only the two point double red.

Manchester United will be the goal of hope in just breaking the England national team scoring record of captain Rooney, the first man in England "is expected to find a break in the Premiership feeling in the European Cup, the last 10 Premier League games without a ball fetched embarrassment in his occupation career only two times. The current enemies, the Reds need Rooney kicked 50 goals Mr." style.

As a defender player in Liverpool is the Slovakia international Skrtel, believes that Rodgers will commit the task of guarding Rooney on him, but Rooney continued to run and experienced more for Skrtel, is not an easy thing.

Rooney in the past with the Reds played 22 times, only scored 5 goals, 0.23 goals per game than he efficiency against any Premier League teams are poor, although he beat the Liverpool game harvest goals in the season Manchester United 3-0, but also can't hide him in the face of the Red Army's leg soft state.

The Turk blinder VS

Petite Blinder recently insisted he was smart enough "for the fact that he centre back this season in the past 5 games will help the team to zero closure opponents, but he was in a Premier League game against Swansea united again 1-2 game was Gomis and he is back to the original shape, skinny in the face of strong strikers disadvantages more dazzling.

The new signings this summer the Turk is known as "black and hard", when he can say is Blinder so far this season the most arduous task. The Turk this season had won 41 times the goal, more than any other player in the Premier League will, in this part, he is rolling only 8 successful blinder air diving.

Pres VS clini

The left wing to fly the United pres Liverpool left gate two of their respective teams clini, the new aid is bound to spark collision. Depe has not scored a goal in the Premier League, but he is a bright spot in the Champions League qualifier against Bruges, the technique is delicate and explosive, it seems that he scored the Premier League is only a matter of time.

In the pres dribbling is relatively efficient, and he also love in such a way to help the team to create scoring opportunities. For Clini, this is not just a game, or a team to defend their position in the opportunity, if he wants a good game in the pres limit, he should use his preferred foot (right) beware of Endo Pres.

Piglet VS Mino Phil

The Liverpool midfielder is a big problem, kudiniao was suspended, while Henderson and Lallana due to injury is doubtful, but United midfielder Carrick played in the European Cup qualifier suffered leg injuries, whether he could be in the best state is still a question.

Coutinho's injury could be good news for Firmino, who has a chance to play in his favorite center, as he did in the Hoffenheim. Over the past 4 Premier League games, Phil Mino started only 2 appearances, but he is still a big hidden trouble for Manchester United defender. Although Coutinho Phil Mino's shooting ability and there is still a gap between the two, in the shooting frequency and accuracy are not in the same grade, but Firmino chances seem to be better than Coutinho (5V2).

Schweinsteiger needs to let Phil Mino quiet, Reds midfielder transitions need to operate the pig. Since the pig came to Manchester, his condition is always the focus of the fans to discuss, and Firmino in midfield onrush will is the biggest challenge he received in the game, if pigs can take on attacking and defending the flag in midfield, United won the double red odds will be much larger.