Youter Club Hall – 7 roulette table for excellence


Youter Club Hall - roulette tables for 7 excellent online now! Can receive 7 players at the same time online betting! Extraordinary game audio and visual enjoyment, beautiful real man, immediately log on the official website to play up!

Live roulette using the European standard roulette rules, the use of the real disk by the real man.

Please login youter Club excellence hall, selection[7 sit view]Enter the game. As follows:


After entering the game page, the view is to be able to accommodate up to7 playersAt the same time to bet. As follows:


On the left side of the game page[sofa]Icons can be selected to enter other rooms, click directly[sofa]Icon to switch the room can be. As follows:


If you are playing in 2D mode or 3D mode, you can directly click on the bottom left of the game page[sofa]Switch to the 7 icon, or click on the top of the page to switch to the video mode to the 7 table. As follows:


7位坐视图可接收7 players同时在线进行游戏。 7个座位宛如身临其境于真实赌场,让您投注不孤单,在家也能体验到至尊超凡享受! 快来与其他玩家一同竞技,互相切磋吧~