International friendly – United States VS Ecuador

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May 26, 2016 08:00VS Ecuador USAThe two sides are expected to start:U.S.A:Howard, Bradley, Gonzales, Baseler, Orozco, Backman, Cameron, Johannsen, Deng Puxi, Bedouin in Asia, Tidore;Ecuador:Divya, Heda yourway, Pineda, AI, AI, AI Yi Lazio jieliya jieliya, Valencia, kunlu nice, Martinez, for the slave, Jamie AI yourway.

Youter western sports chupan: U.S. - 0-0.5 ball.

The United States is a strong team in North America, in the World Cup qualifiers in North America, the United States ranked second in the C group. In the latest FIFA rankings, the United States ranked twenty-ninth. United States away from Puerto Rico. The scene had the advantage, the possession rate sharply ahead of the competition, many organizations have the threat of attack, with T. Selim plum opens two degrees and P. Arriola goal, eventually the United States away with a 3-1 victory over Puerto Rico. American players are mainly from the United States professional league. Along with Donovan, Deng Puxi and the national team players gradually fade out, the United States also began to go on the stage of reconstruction. Coach Klinsmann style bias Europeanization, focus on technology and cooperation between players. Enter since 2016, the United States 5 games, scored 4 wins and 1 negative results. Tough, tenacious spirit is with the characteristics of american. In this game, the United States took home court against Ecuador, with the recent record, the trend of the U.S. upward momentum, the United States can rival a home court fight in the end.

Ecuador is a South American brigade, currently ranked second in the first round of the South American qualifiers. In the latest FIFA rankings, Ecuador ranked twelfth. Play, Ecuador away against Columbia. The rate of the ball on Ecuador has an advantage, but the team failed to organize an effective attack, and the gates by opponents to counter the threat, in fifteenth minutes, forty-eighth minutes and sixty-seventh minutes, Ecuador gate 3 was ripped away Ecuador, eventually lost 1-3 to Columbia. The last American Cup, Ecuador was divided into A group, the team in the group stage 3 games to get a record of 1 wins and 2 draws, ranked A group of third, failed to qualify. In this year's Copa America, Ecuador is divided into B group, the same group of opponents are Brazil, Peru and Haiti, the team has a lot of hope to qualify. Ecuador's recent performance is good, nearly 8 games to get a record of 6 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses, had played a wave of winning streak of 6, the current team is not good condition. The game, Ecuador away from the face of the United States team, the team can rely on the recent state, away for the whole body to retreat.

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