NBA tournament recommended – Timberwolves VS rider

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In January 9, 2016 09:00Forest wolf VS KnightThe two sides are expected starting:Knight:Tristan - Thompson, Le Fu,, J.R.-,, and Erwin;The forest wolf:Downes, Garnett, Prince, Wiggins, and Rubio.

Youter western sports chupan: Knight 10 points.

The game 4 champion gathered in the first draft in 2003, James, the 2011 champion Erwin, the 2014 champion Wiggins and 2015 champion Downes, four will be the same game. James recent state is good, the Wizards cut 34 points and a quarter of the World War II, the rebound of the Wizards of the 10. Erwin played better after the comeback, the last two games to get a total of 57 points, the battle of two shooting rate of 62%. Wiggins and Lin Lin's recent performance is much worse than that of the timberwolves. Wiggins in the last 8 games, shooting only 39%, Downes has averaged 10 points and 3 field stadium hit rate of 35.9%, and before the 9 battle 20 points compared panruoliangren.

The wolves recent losing streak to 4 games, the team state is worrying, in the pollen abortion in the wolves, averaged net lose the opponent as many as 12.3 points, the team on the offensive and defensive efficiency is very bad, the start of the season so far wolves record of only 12 wins and 24 losses, while the home court performance is as low as 5 wins and 14 losses, and the field also lost a net of 5.6 points, the team fighting capacity is still not as good as a home court battle against the Nuggets, canzhen, wolves attack were not surprisingly weak, state array Downes, Dwiggins and Rubio as the main fighter, the team at present are attacking without security, pressed against the strength of the rider, if it is only for wolves when a win lose less.

The knight recently scored 5 game winning streak, the team state is excellent, recently knight has reached unprecedented lineup neat, its strength is greatly improved, the past two battle Knight scores were above 120, the team is from the strong points of the battle of desire as can be imagined, facing the wizards, Erwin continued the good feel with a score of 32, James scored a team high 34 points and 10 rebounds, J R- Smith added 25 points, Knight offensive performance team will be very sharp, the current state is not cheap, the challenge of power limited wolves can maintain a normal level of knight, the team win completely be nothing difficult.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Knight 10 points for the win.