To understand the three period 3D slot machine Hannaford Koi


Want to know the three period 3D tiger machine Koi fortune? Follow the small series to see it

Enjoy the koi 3D online is a slot machine game 5 axis line 10. "All-match" symbols can replace all symbols appear in the shaft 2, 3 and \/ or 4 axis turn triggered heavy dividends, will become sticky even all-match axis. All-match pattern appears in the re turn off mode, turn off weight will increase.


Koi 3D Hannaford slot machine, the frequency, the general rule of winning there, can do some bold speculation, the first games of the game and to investigate the characteristics of a period of time.


After playing a few rounds of games, that scroll pattern changes can determine a phenomenon, is the opportunity to have three 3D tiger Koi goodfortune periods: one is to eat stage, then the transition period, the last one is a stage, believe that the other game player with small series, to "eat" some aversion, the "out" is particularly excited, sincerely hope, has been able to impose a "time point.


Each slot machine game will have these three periods, we hope that with the reality can not be exactly the same. Your 3D machine is the tiger Koi need to actively face the different three periods, as long as the understanding and grasp, that can benefit from.


Lucky Koi, Hannaford luster, immediately landed rotation win huge prizes!