360 security guards how to fix the drive hijacked?


When the computer Trojan invasion, resulting in problems with the system, or there are hidden deep viruses, how we can not check out when. What should I do then? Xiaobian teach you a trick to fix all the troubles!

The use of 360 security guards against malicious hijacking, to achieve the purpose of recovery drive hijacking. It is a good choice to use the 360 system first-aid kit to give first aid to the system. 360 first aid kit (formerly known as: "stubborn horse encyclopedia") is a powerful tool for killing the Trojan horse rescue system, stubborn Trojan killing effect on various types of popular excellent, such as the running of the bulls, machine dog, Gray dove, sweeping wave drive and so on.


In need of emergency rescue system is invalid, killing anti-virus software, or computer Trojan infection caused 360 unable to install and start-up, 360 first aid kit can remove Trojan and powerful suspicious programs, and repair the system file is infected, inhibit Trojan regeneration, is the best helper computer needs first aid.


1, first open the 360 security guards, found in the column on the right[system first aid kit]If not, click Add to download, and then click Next[management]. Following chart:


2 and then pop up a dialog box and find it in it[system first aid kit]点击进入. Following chart:


3, after opening, check[powerful mode] [full scan]If you do not use the computer during the repair, you'd better check[process control]After that, the computer software will not open, and it will also prevent the spread of the virus. Then click[first aid]就可以了。扫描以后重启电脑,再次扫描直到不再发现病毒为止. Following chart:


Xiaobian warm prompt you: in order not to delay your good opportunity to make money, regular anti-virus is necessary!

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