2016-2017 Premier League eighteenth round


Beijing time on December 26, 2016 at 20:30 in the Premier League eighteenth round, Waterford ushered in the Crystal Palace challenge at home court. Waterford in the near future is to rely on home court points, although the war is not dominant, but the situation is much better than the. The Crystal Palace is not lost, they are only 1 points ahead of the relegation zone, and the next round to face Arsenal, who must strive to score.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
12\/26\/2016 (Monday) 20:30 Waterford Crystal Palace
12\/26\/2016 (Monday) 23:00 A Senna West Brom
12\/26\/2016 (Monday) 23:00 Burnley Boro
12\/26\/2016 (Monday) 23:00 Chelsea Bournemouth
12\/26\/2016 (Monday) 23:00 Leicester Everton
12\/26\/2016 (Monday) 23:00 Manchester United Sunderland
12\/26\/2016 (Monday) 23:00 Swansea West Ham
12\/27\/2016 (Tuesday) 01:15 Hull City Manchester City
12\/28\/2016 (Wednesday) 01:15 Liverpool Stoke City
12\/29\/2016 (Thursday) 3:45 Southampton Spurs

WaterfordVSCrystal Palace

• 2016/17赛季英超联赛第18轮将在本周末继续上演,由Waterford主场迎战Crystal Palace。Waterford本赛季前17轮录得6胜3平8负的战绩,排名积分榜第12位。
• 上轮联赛Waterford作客以0-1不敌Sunderland,遭遇联赛2连败,球队士气大受打击,本轮回到主场是扭转颓势的良机。
• Waterford球风相当硬朗,阵容实力较本轮对手Crystal Palace出色,从交锋往绩来看,Waterford近6次与Crystal Palace交手取得2胜2平2负,形势上不相伯仲。

Crystal Palace
• Crystal Palace整体实力属于英超中游水准,但本赛季球队状态相当低迷,本赛季前17轮录得4胜3平10负,排名英超倒数第4。
• 上轮联赛Crystal Palace坐镇主场以0-1不敌Chelsea,遭遇联赛2连败,球队士气相当低落,目前距离降级区只有1分之差,保级压力巨大。
• 近日,主帅阿兰-帕杜因带队成绩不佳遭Crystal Palace俱乐部解雇,阿兰-帕杜因此成为本赛季第二位下课的主帅,此番作客Waterford将由新帅阿勒代斯带队,整体状态成疑。