NBA tournament recommendation – Knight VS Mavericks

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March 17, 2016 07:00Knight VS calfThe two sides are expected to start:Knight:Erwin, J-R- Smith,, Le Fu, Mozgov;Calf:Deron Williams, Felton, Mathews, Parsons, Nowitzki.

Youter western sports: Knight -9.5 ".

For the two teams, the current situation is very subtle. The knight's record is 47 wins and 19 defeats, ranked first in the East, but the team's advantage is not stable, just ahead of the Raptors 2 wins. The Mavericks are currently 34 wins and 33 losses ranked in the west of the position of the same, and the Rockets record the same, with the Blazers of the difference between the 0.5 wins in the field of eighth. In addition, the Jazz at present from the Mavericks, there are only 2 wins gap. Western 6-9 team, has been entangled together.

In the eastern part of the first Cavaliers last round away sir suffered blocking, three game winning streak was ended, as one of the league's offensive firepower strongest team, they got only 85 points lower, Utah defensive fire outside, Cleveland was greatly suppressed, Lord Erwin after the game requires additional training, the return to the home court to the defensive general Dallas is expected to rebound. Together with the previous home court losing to Memphis, they have been lost to the West team two, seems to meet high strength defensive team, Knight smooth attack can not play, now the Raptors and only 2 Knights behind the playoffs, knight to keep the first position to the east still need to continue to work hard.

The Mavericks beat the Hornets in the recent momentum yesterday, stopped the five losing streak, this victory also good recovery of the calf of the soldiers confidence, but the field to Cleveland to challenge the knight will be more severe challenges, in the win over the Hornets, the Mavericks first resorted to a very efficient defense, forcing the Hornets hit only 3, Noveski and Parsons to continue the good play of the game, the team had five players score in double, this is after the Mavericks rarely see the situation, the lack of the offensive team ahead of the restricted space, when the other team of Noveski on defense, either Delong and Mathews strong players failed to find scoring touch.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Knight 9.5 points for the win.