The Spanish League – Levante VS Las Palmas

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In January 26, 2016 03:30Levante VS Las PalmasThe two sides are expected starting:Levante:Marino, Lopez, Navarro, Fedall, Tollo, Kamala, Bielsa, and Rossi, Belson, de Lerma, Gouelo;Lars Palmas:Balaz, Simon, Garcia, Custer, ASA m Arnold, Roque, Gurion, Zal, Biela, Jose, fontana.

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Levante and Las Palmas are in the relegation zone, this field is ahead of the relegation battle. A La Liga Levante home court game with 2 to 1 victory over relegation rivals Valle Cano, ended a 8 game winless record, the recent performance rebounded. While Las Palmas state is more outstanding, the competitions in 10 games lost only 2 games. But Lars Palmas's recent schedule is relatively tight, the main physical doubt.

Lavon Tele Wandt the last two games are played in the home court Vitale, beat the end of the tournament to Primera 2-1, five defeats. La Liga after 20 rounds, the team accumulated 14 points to the old bottom of the rankings, need 4 points to escape the relegation zone. The club is home court finally throw the helve after the hatchet Levante fans hope. Italy striker Rossi has confirmed that he will join the team and will represent all of the rest of the season with the characteristics of the Lavon. He wants to help the team avoid relegation at the same time allow themselves to embody the value of. The field and the battle of Lars Palmas, Rossi has been determined lineup, which makes the city coruscate passion Levante stadium.

The newly promoted Las Palmas good momentum recently blocked, the last round of the league in home court losing 0-3 to the top league Atletico round unbeaten momentum was the end, at present product 18 points behind the league standings fifth countdown, can go to Las Palmas in the king's Cup quarter finals shows the team character. The vice monitor at Levante, Las Palmas, eager to take the points, but the team cup or will be affected.

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