NBA tournament recommendation – rocket vs Eagle


The December 30, 2015 09:00 is expected to debut: Eagle: Teague, baze Moore, Millsap, Kyle Korver, Horford; rocket: Beverly, Ariza, Cappella, Howard, James

Youter western sports: 2.5 points for the Rockets ".

The Rockets have in the home court even grams of enemies, 30, they will be in the home court against hawks. Harden to keep aggressive drive the team, Howard to show the rule of force in the paint, their teammates who also have a good performance, to pick up rockets feel heavy in the home court winning. The eagle has just suffered a defeat, Millsap, and Huo Fude Teague to led the team to avoid the rebound, the two game losing streak.

Rocket flight of performance, can beat second strong Western spurs, but defeated West bottom second pelicans, really elusive. In the battle with the pelican, the rocket is still the continuation of a good day a bad state of instability, the first collar has been ahead of the drama It is often seen. in this season, although harden scored a team high 25 points, but the 21 throw in 8 performance really makes people worried, Howard was the defensive limit miserable Pelican free throws, rebounds, assists, blocks and so on, the data are far behind the opponent. Currently 16 wins and 16 losses ranked in the west of the seventh.

Eagle six winning streak of good momentum in today's end, is now ranked in the eastern part of the second, 20 wins and 13 losses. The eagle in today's game 87-93 against the Pacers, the two teams are very close, but the eagle is in the second quarter by the opponent hit a 31-13 run, although in the second half to strike back, but also incapable of action, walking up to 16 steals, so pressure defense let the eagle appear 20 times this is also the key to failure, the outcome of the game, the game can win streak they scored 111.5 points, shooting 51.2%, but against the Pacers three ball and 25 of their 6 vote, 22 turnovers.

The game recommended the eagle transferee 2.5 points.