The Premier League – Leicester VS Chelsea


In December 15th 04:00Leicester VS ChelseaThe Premier League games, leader Leicester City home court against defending champion Chelsea, "Fox" coach Ranieri who played coached the old club ace, who gets what? See tomorrow!

The game of 0.5 ball wins the recommended leicester.

Last season, Leicester City to return to the Premier League, the final two leg against relegation, Chelsea won, but the passage of time, the Leicester City is the top of the Premier League team, but Chelsea is only 2 points above the relegation zone. The game coach Claudio Ranieri against his old club team, if it continues to follow a starting lineup, so the total worth 22 million pounds, but also more than one Blues striker Costa worth.

Chelsea at the weekend at the last minute after losing to Bournemouth, in the first 15 rounds of the season only scored 15 points, ranked fourteenth, only 2 points above the relegation zone, one of the Premier League history worst start defending champion. 15 games, Chelsea won only 4 games, it is difficult to imagine this is the result of the team coached by Mourinho. Even more incredible is that this season Standford bridge has 4 opponent fall, even before the relegation zone promoted Ma Byrne Maus to 3 points away from the Standford bridge.

Leicester last weekend away 3 to 0 victory over Swansea, returned to the top of the table. Midfielder Matthew James returning to training, to return, but is not expected in this war for adventure. The Belgian defender Delattre played for Manchester United as a leader only wounded. Leicester nearly 6 round of the English Premier League to win 5 games, nearly 11 rounds of battle at least 9 Premiership scoring 2 goals, and played a big score. Leicester nearly 10 Premier League home court 7 wins 2 flat 1 negative. In April this year to Chelsea after the 19 round of the Premier League, Leicester only lost a record of 12 wins 6 flat 1 negative.