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In 1 of the 1 singled out on the battlefield, who can go to the end of 27052 yuan is for you!

  Rules and provisions:

GPI Chinese New Year finals (Monday, February 22, 2016, second days)

OneChampionship rules

One1 GPI 新春总决赛 : 单挑赛(第2天)

One2 如何参加: 在GPI新春总决赛:淘汰赛(第1天)中赢得免费门票

One3 参赛人数: 16

One4 比赛类型: 坐走

One5 牌桌设置: 每张牌桌2个玩家

One6 锦标赛将开始于2016年2月22号周一晚上21:00(北京时间)

2 entry rules

2.1 championship is limited to 2 people to participate in

2.2 how to start:

2.2.1 players need to participate in the Dezhou mahjong game hall waiting.

2.2.2 system will automatically register for players to participate in the game.

2.3 GPI shall have the right to reject any application to participate in the competition and to replace the competition.

2.4 the final registration time is 21:30 (Beijing time).

3 there will be 16 winners to get a ticket, enter the GPI finals - challenged the bounty

4 after the start of the game, the players did not participate in the competition within the specified time will lose eligibility.

5 all awards are sponsored by GPI.

6 Championship rankings updated instantly, click here to view.

The 7 level match singled out

  • 8 bonus structure
First level 388 yuan \/ per person
Second level 888 yuan \/ per person
Third level 3888 yuan \/ per person
Fourth level First: 21888 yuan
Second: 8888 yuan
Third: 3888 yuan


10 click here to visit the Dezhou mahjong new year discount faq.

1One优徳W88 有权随时对所有玩家或个别玩家取消此优惠。

12 excellent de w88 general terms and rules apply to this offer.