Slot machines for free rotation – Video Tutorials


When you won the slot machine free rotation, the how to quickly enter the corresponding game for free rotation? Xiao Bian to concise video tutorials, hand to teach you a step to complete the operation! Anytime, anywhere win is not a dream ~!

For computer users, please poke: http:\/\/\/CN\/vid\/Gameplay-Interactive-Slots-Free-Rounds-Desktop-CN.mp4

Mobile phone users please poke: http:\/\/\/CN\/vid\/Gameplay-Interactive-Slots-Free-Rounds-Mobile-CN.mp4

Please receive the following steps:

1. please enter youter official website: login to your account information.

2. please enter where the free spins are locatedClub and gamesClick to enter the game will jump out of the pop-up, please click to receive.

Member who gets free rotation of slot machines, we will notify you of free rotation via this letter, SMS or phone call!

For more discounts and details, please contact 7X24 hour online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!