Lucky turntable – slot machine free rotating guide


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Lucky turntable April new theme -Slot machine free rotationChang Chang Ren you!

After you get the slot machine for free rotation, we will notify you by phone or in the form of a letter, slot machine free rotation of the club and the name of the game.


Note: this week's lucky spin in the slot machine is free to rotate and will automatically activate next week. Valid only within 7 days after activation.

Xiao Bian to get the golden Pool Club - Beach Bikini game as an example. Into the corresponding slot game betting page, click[start]. Following figure:


click[start]后 ,页面将弹出您获奖相关信息提示。您可以clickImmediate rotationor[later rotation]. Following figure:


您的免费旋转次数将显示在游戏页面左上方. Following figure:


开始旋转赢取丰厚大奖吧!!!您每一次旋转,剩余的免费旋转次数将自动减少. Following figure:


Free game board is over, will show【免费局已到期or名额已满】的提示。您获得的奖金金额也将显示在当前页面. Following figure:


Roll out good luck, win the prize

For more details, please contact with 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!