The Champions League – Lisbon athletics Besiktas VS

欧冠赛事推荐Following the December 11th 04:05 this morning released 16 of the Champions League after all, tomorrow morning in Europa also group phase the final round of the competition, the H group present situation of stalemate from Albania chaos, in addition to korcha ahead of the game, Lisbon, Bacsik, Moscow locomotive and the opportunity to get the tickets for the next round. Wonderful is about to be staged.

Recommended: Lisbon athletics 0.5 wins

The Lisbon athletic team has performed well in the league this season. The team in the league is currently 10 wins and 2 draws in the standings in the first place, will rival Oporto and Benfica all under pressure in the body. But a good team in the league and not to the Europa League, in the UEFA Cup at the end of the five round made 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative results, in the top third, but behind the top two only 1 points and 2 points, the team lost to the team home court the strength of the weak team Korce, broke the biggest upset in the Europa League, also makes the team appear in the situation is not optimistic.
Besiktas team is the soil super team, the team won the league in the third season, so far this season in the standings in the first time. In the Europa League, the team's current situation is also more optimistic, currently in the standings 2 wins and 3 draws behind in the standings at the top of the game unbeaten can only to ensure smooth round.


The two teams in the history of one battle, Besiktas draw with Lisbon athletics team in the home court 1-1. At present, Lisbon athletics state well, and the field is the home court battle, promising to undefeated team in this game.

Lisbon athletics team to make 0.5 wins

Score: 1-0 2-0