NBA tournament recommendation – Thunder VS Warrior

NBA赛事推荐-Thunder VS Warrior-优德W88官网May 25, 2016 09:00Thunder VS WarriorThe two sides are expected to start:Thunder:Brook, Robertson, he, he, he, he, he, he, and he, and then, and so on, and so on;Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, curry, Green, Bogut.

Youter western sports: Warriors -1.5 ".
In the series in second games, Green had Adams with his knee in the crotch, if it was an accident, then when in the series in the third game, Green once again kick Adams crotch, this is hardly surprising. Green was fined a malicious foul, today the League will be upgraded to two malicious foul, and a fine of $25000. But the alliance not for Green, that is to say he will play fourth games.

After the playoffs this year practice, after the Spurs thunder obviously upgrade, Westbrook become more calm, suddenly with the handle is accurate, can be said that Durant decided to limit the team, Westbrook decided to limit the team. Do you have water? I'm sorry, I have a king. In this round of Talent Showdown, thunder two less obvious advantages. Adams and Kanter's rebounding, height and moving speed of yibaka and Durant, let the Warriors "death squad five" lost much threat, plus the regular season criticized the Vitesse finally enter the playoffs, forehead resuscitation, coach Donovan is a master of the field to show their ability to adjust, then only two thunder we ended the game wave flow. It has been an irresistible force, go by like the wind, you have two top five of the league's thunder is how well.

Perhaps in order to protect the library, perhaps try a new style of play, Cole in the Western Conference finals put soldiers lineup puzzling. Now the first half curry ball to Green, he served as the ball striker Thompson, but in the process inside the ball; bench time without warning enabled Vallejo and Clark is the main cause of the collapse of the Game 3. As everyone knows, it has hit the playoffs, the fight is the main strength of the thunder out of eight best rotation used in the end, Cole was still in the regular season of every rhythm rotation, Donovan was directly killed, from the push, it is like a coach with 73 wins for the best record in history. But Green mentality is a big problem, now too obsessed with the ball, averaging 30 points to brush MVP assists, two consecutive games have malicious behavior of Adams, Thompson is the more feel nothing, frequently outside the blacksmith, dart inside repeated large cap.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game 1.5 points wins the thunder recommended.