Happy Chinese annual championship – winning member list


Congratulations to the following winning members to receive the annual prize! More concessions to wait for you to participate in the game to become the next big winner!

ranking User name Fraction bonus
One P*r*m*o*u* Fifty-six thousand and six hundred One,000,000
Two J*s*i*i* Forty-eight thousand three hundred and forty Seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-six
Three *b*q*Nine*Three* ThreeSixFourThreeFive Two,Six00
Four P*h*Eight*Eight TwoTwoFiveSeven0 One0Eight,000
Five B*y*Four*e* OneSevenFour0Five Three,000
Six J*m*j*m* OneSixFiveFiveFive Three,000
Seven *a*a*One*Two* OneSixOneEightFive Six00
Eight p*i*s*Six OneFiveFiveFive0 One,0ThreeSix
Nine *Eight*Three*Seven*Seven* OneTwoFiveThree0 Six00
One0 y*n*Nine*Three*Six OneOneFiveFive0 Six00
OneOne w*Nine*Eight*0* One00Eight0 One00
OneTwo X*a*y*a*u* One00FourFive One00
OneThree *z*o*o* NineEightNineFive Five00
OneFour *o*g*o*g*u*One*Three NineSix0Five ThreeThreeEight
OneFive z*g*Eight*Nine NineFiveEight0 One00
OneSix J*a*k*a NineThreeOne0 Five00
OneSeven z*Eight*Six*Eight SevenEightNineFive One00
OneEight x*One*Nine*a SevenSevenTwo0 One00
OneNine D*a*o*l*e SevenOneEight0 ThreeThreeEight
Two0 B*e*b*u* Seven0NineFive Five00
TwoOne *i*k*Six* SixThreeSevenFive Five00
TwoTwo z*Seven*Eight*Four*Four SixThreeThreeFive One00
TwoThree M*s*a*h*a*g SixOneTwoFive TwoOneSix
TwoFour a*h*c*Six FiveEightSixFive ThreeThreeEight
TwoFive *d*Two*One*Eight*Seven* FiveFiveFourFive One00
TwoSix q*0*0*Four* FiveFour0Five One00
TwoSeven L*o*i*a* FiveTwoSevenFive One00
TwoEight p*r*f*e*Eight FourNineTwo0 Five00
TwoNine One*0*Seven*One*Two*Nine FourEightSeven0 One00
Three0 T*y*u*g*Five* FourEightFiveFive Five00
ThreeOne w*y*Four*Four FourSevenEight0 One00
ThreeTwo *u*i*a*Two*Two* FourSevenSevenFive Five00
ThreeThree Eight*0*0 FourSixTwo0 One00
ThreeFour One*Eight*One*Four*Nine*0 FourFiveSixFive One00
ThreeFive C*s*n*Seven*Seven*Nine* FourOneSix0 ThreeThreeEight
ThreeSix g*e*n*Eight*Eight ThreeEightSix0 One00
ThreeSeven One*Five*One*Three*Eight ThreeEightSix0 One00
ThreeEight *Eight*Eight*0 ThreeEightThreeFive One00
ThreeNine Y*n*y*n*y ThreeEight0Five FiveSix
Four0 B*c*d* ThreeSevenEightFive ThreeThreeEight
FourOne *h*b*n*Eight* ThreeSevenFour0 One00
FourTwo K*h*u*One*Eight* ThreeSixTwoFive FiveSix
FourThree x*a*Eight*f*i ThreeFiveEightFive One00
FourFour Y*b*n*i*a* ThreeFiveFive0 One00
FourFive *a*e*i*i*o*i* ThreeFiveTwoFive One00
FourSix Z*Y*0*0* ThreeFourSevenFive One00
FourSeven *y*0*One*Nine ThreeFourOne0 One00
FourEight f*k*Nine*0 ThreeThreeSevenFive One00
FourNine w*i*o*g*Two* ThreeThreeOne0 One00
Five0 P*n*i*ao *TwoFiveFive One00