NBA tournament recommended – Stag VS rockets

NBA赛事推荐-Bucks VS rocket-优德W88官网

In March 1, 2016 09:00Bucks VS rocketThe two sides are expected starting:The Bucks:Meo, Middleton, Parke, Plumlee, adetokunbo;Rocket:Beverly, Ariza, Smith, Howard, james.

Youter western sports: rocket -2 ".

The Rockets (29 - 30) has just suffered a defeat, they will visit the bucks in March 1st (24 - 35). Harden to keep aggressive shock opponents, Howard to show the rule of force in the paint, other rockets to magic board combination support, they will feel on the road to consolidate the Western qualifying win back. The Bucks has suffered 2 defeats, they must rely on home court to halt the rocket, adetokunbo, Parke, Middleton et al have to lead the team to guard the home court.

The Bucks did well last season, with coach Jason - Kidd leading a group of young men to the sixth place in the east. But this season, the decline in the strength of the team is more serious, currently only ranked thirteenth place in the east. In the offseason pillars inside Monroe, did not expect the chemical reaction of Monroe and the team is not ideal, the team record fall. The face to rob points the Rockets, the home court fraught with grim possibilities.

The Rockets lost to the Spurs last season, nearly 7 games they only have a record of 2 wins and 5 losses. During this period Howard 7 games to get 6 double doubles, 11 points and 14 rebounds against the Spurs, harden had 27 points in the second half, the Rockets had trailed by 31 points. The Rockets have lost 8 games in the past 12 games, they are currently ranked in the west of the top half of the game, only half the lead in the jazz, most of them need to use the victory to consolidate their ranks in the top eighth.

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