NBA tournament recommended – Miami VS Warriors

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February 25, 2016 08:30VS WarriorsThe two sides are expected to start:Miami Heat:Amare Stoudemire, Rolle - Gerrard - Green, Deng, Wade, de Rakic;Warrior:Bogut de Raymond - Green, Harrison, Barnes, clay Thompson, curry.

Youter western sports: Warriors -8.5 ".

The warriors on a war against Atlanta on the road 102-92, the game is the eagle warriors once back beyond the 23 point lead, but eventually the season fiftieth wins. The 55 win of the warriors of the World War II, surpassing the bulls in the 1995-96 season to create a record of 56 wins in the war of 50, becoming the fastest in the history of the League to reach the top 50 teams in the history of the game in the history of the United States in the history of the United States in the history of the United States, the United States and the United States in the history of the United States, the United States in the history of the league.

The recent 3 game winning streak, the team state is quite good, the battle against the Pacers Miami, Wade headed back injury, although the long war feel bad, but it also contributed 16 points, another defender de Rakic scored a team high 24 points, Rolle Dunn and Whiteside each have two pairs of Houston team offensive efficiency is not high, but the team's defensive performance is excellent, the light will grab 66 rebounds Miami, which had 20 offensive rebounds, offensive game in the face of the enemy, or to keep the heat in order to keep the band to play against opponents to attack.

The warriors by nearly two consecutive win on the road, and the opponent wins are the strength of the money for the team, the team has the strong stronger trend, on the battle at challenge Eagle warriors, splash brothers curry and Klein - Thompson force sent a score of 63, Bogut and Raymond de Green combined for 25 down rebounds. The team is playing very well and, ultimately the team with 10 points advantage tiaola opponent, current warriors up to 26 wins and 5 losses at the score for the alliance strongest, if visit can maintain proper standards, or a warrior away without too much difficulty.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 8.5 points wins the warrior.