Valentine’s day + sheep years, grab a double red!(the event has ended, thanks to Xie!)


Sweet Valentine's day, welcome the year of the sheep WEightEight youter Hongyun, offer you two double red, the highest 6EightEight yuan! Surprises, pro can not miss Oh ~ I wish you a happy Spring Festival, the year of the sheep sheep hair very influential luck and wealth!

 Rules and provisions:

1 activities began in February 9, 2015 00:00 (Beijing time), as of February 22, 2015 23:59 (Beijing time).

This offer is only 2 yuan WEightEight youter members before February Eight, 2015 registered members can attend.

3 preferential activities are divided intoTwo,会员可参加Two抢红包活动,每期仅限申请一次红包。

The first phase is from February 9, 2015 to February 15, 2015.

The second phase is from February 16, 2015 to February 22, 2015.

4 after the transfer of the deposit to the game wallet, when the use of the following bonus code to obtain the corresponding bonus:

Game products Bonus code 1 Bonus code 2 Running water multiple
Youter live entertainment city CNYCA12Eight CNYCA6EightEight Ten
Western Sport CNYSB12Eight CNYSB6EightEight Eight
Golden Pool Club CNYBA12Eight CNYBA6EightEight Eight
At the club CNYPT12Eight CNYPT6EightEight Eight
Happy color CNYKN12Eight CNYKN6EightEight Eight

Bonus code 1:存款Ten00-4999人民币可获得12Eight元红包;
Bonus code 2:存款5000人民币或以上金额可获得6EightEight元红包;

5.红包奖金在所选俱乐部中完成相应的Running water multiple要求后,方可申请提款;比如:

Bonus code 1的流水要求:(Ten00wEightEight+12Eight)XEight或Ten

Bonus code 1的流水要求:(5000+6EightEight)XEight或Ten

6 this preferential requirements of the betting water will not be calculated as the amount of water to return to the water; if other concessions in the marked can not be applied to re deposit discount will not apply to this offer.

7.平局,和局,取消的注单不计算为有效投注额;Western Sport的欧盘1.5或香港盘0.5以下的赔率将不计算在有效投注额内;
At the club不计算真人荷官游戏,不适用于此优惠的老虎请点击这里
Golden Pool Club中不计算的老虎机请点击这里。

Eight.如果红利在30天内Did not reach 1 times the water, we will have the right to cancel the bonus and profit. If the application does not meet the requirements of the corresponding water withdrawals, dividends and earnings will be deducted.