[VS] AFC Champions League Kashima antlers Guangzhou Hengda

亚冠:鹿岛鹿角 vs 广州恒大-优德W88官网

Beijing time at 18:00 on May 30, 2017, Guangzhou Hengda VS Kashima antlers. For today's hot events, welcome to quiz!

Kashima antlers VS Guangzhou Evergrande

Event analysis

Kashima antlers on the wheel to Hengda, suffered a losing streak in all competitions. In order to let the Japanese team win the League last weekend AFC Champions League, J, a AFC Champions League task team game was postponed to July, Kashima also received a week of complete rest. In defence, defender Ueda Naomichi and West Fifth can return, but midfielder Silva and winger Endo Yasu are still missing. Guangzhou Evergrande continues to win streak, the team's status is very stable. Although last Friday playing a round of the league, but played consecutively three round of home court, more than half of the rotation, Scolari hopes to minimize the impact of the physical, the last two are played only two defenders and goalkeeper Zeng cheng. Hengda personnel conditions have improved, Mei fang, Xu Xin and others ushered in the comeback, League suspended Zhang Linpeng, you can also wholeheartedly into the AFC's preparations.

Kashima in the first round after losing the game will take the initiative to attack tactics, but the team's offensive line is not neat. Hengda such a team, playing back when it is very dangerous, as long as you can get away goals, it will make the home team promotion difficult to raise several times. The elimination of the AFC Champions League, Hengda experience more rich, and they can accept the draw or even lose a ball results. Xiao Bian believes that Hengda undefeated worthy of trust.Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended constant victory.