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Xiaobian to introduce a new kind of live entertainment city game. Three (3 Face \/ 3 Picture) is a distortion of Baccarat play. Members and the banker bet points, the number of gambling public card, you can bet on a special card type. The bet is simple, the rhythm is lively, is welcome in the emerging game. The goal of the game is to get the highest card!

Three games is composed of a deck of cards. All the cards (K, Q, J) and 10 are calculated by the 0 point; the other is calculated according to the number of cards (A stands for 1 points).

The system gives each player as well as Zhuang in turn issued three cards; for example, "three", "double public 7 points", "scattered cards and so on," and so on each card type has its corresponding size order of 9.

The biggest brand type is "three", there are three character cards consisting of card type; the other, calculated in accordance with 3 point card cards, the highest is 9 points (total score of 10 or 20, respectively, to subtract the corresponding excess fraction).



  • In our platform game, there are three idle and a banker. Licensing order for idle 1,2,3, Zhuang, three cards were distributed.
  • Game player can bet 3 time any one; depends on the calculation standard of winning and Zhuang card comparison.
  • Our three games is not the Commission, betting to win lose, win prize money is 1 more than 1; in addition to the following two cases is 2 (50% \/ 1 pay payment):
    • Betting "win", free to 6 points of any combination of winning (brand #11, #12 and #13);
    • Betting "lose", Zhuang wins with any combination of 6 points (brand #11, #12 and #13);
  • When the result is flat, the bet on "lose \/ win" will be refunded.
  • Draw side note 1 loss of a draw in the case of the case, when the size of the card and the size of the card face of the same size of the village, such as: single point of the nine points of the draw of the public, such as: 18
    • Game player: J spades, 3 of hearts, 6 of diamonds
    • Zhuang: Q spades, 10 of hearts, 9 of diamonds.
  • Side note three 36 lose 1. Three namely J, Q, K three in any of the three
  • Above the card is to provide three free (free 1\/2\/3) as well as the team Zhuang betting. Odds and rules are as follows:
    • Flush:Three cards of the same color in the hand as well as a continuous card. For example: 8., 7., 6.
    • Three article:Of three cards of the same brand in the hand of a hand. For example: 10, 10. 10 highly.
    • Shun Zi:Refers to the hands of a card in a row of three cards (regardless of color), A can be small. For example: the 8, 7 highly, 6.
    • Same flower:Three cards of the same color in one hand (not continuous). For example: 10., 4., 2.
    • Pair:One of two cards of the same brand in the hand. For example: A. A. 8, the highly.

Members may have the following options:

Leisure 1: win, lose, and three, on the card above
Leisure 2: win, lose, and three, on the card above
Leisure 3: win, lose, and three, on the card above
Dealer: above board

Note: the above card and bet on the payout odds for that.

Card number:

Three to the total number of points to compare the size of the card, plus the public card (J, Q, K) to change the size of the card type.
The public card and 10 points to the "0" point, the other cards are calculated by the number of cards, the sum of more than 10 or 20 of the number of points to see.

The public card is represented by "P", the 1 card is shown as "P", the 2 card is shown as "2P", and the 3 one is shown as "3P".

The display method of the brand is "public card + points", for example, to get 1 cards and the number of points and 8, then show "P8", and the number of public cards and points for the 0, then show "2P0".

The largest card type for the "three", followed by "double 9"; in the card type, if there is no public card, the maximum card type for the 9 points, the color of the card without any influence.

Both the number of points and the number of cards and the same time, and the emergence and licensing, members of the bet "lose" or "win" is returned to the amount.

Card type size:

Three (3P) J, Q, K for the public double 4 (2P4) of which the public license for the 2, the other 1 cards for the 4 points

Double male 9 (2P9) of which the card for the public, and the other 1 cards for the single point of the public of the 4 (P4) of which the public license for the 1, the total number of points for the 4 points in the 2 ()

Single male 9 (P9) of which the card for the public, the total number of points for the 9 points (4) total points of 4 points in the order of 1

The definition of "brand": more than


Three article:手牌中的3张牌皆为相同牌面的牌,如「10,10,10」。

Shun Zi:手牌中的3张牌为连续时,如「10,J,Q」,不分花色,A可大可小注。

Same flower:手牌中的3张牌皆为同花色时(不需连续),如「2,7,Q」。

A pair: two cards in the hand of the 3 cards in which the same number of points, that is a pair, such as "10, 10, Q"

Note:"Flush \/ Shun Zi" and the biggest card type "Q, K, A, minimum card type" A, 2, 3 "no", K, A, 2 "this combination.