German Bundesliga – Hamburg VS Bayern Munich

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In January 23, 2016 03:30Hamburg VS Munich BayernThe two sides are expected starting:Hamburger:Adler, Dickmeyer, Djourou, Kleiber, Ostelro Lake, and Holtby, N., Muller, A. Hunter, Yili Raicevic, Greg Rich;Bayern Munich:Neuer, Rahm, Martinez, Alabbar, Alonso, J. Boateng, Coleman T., Muller, Vidal, Costa, Lewandowski.

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The eighteenth round of the Bundesliga will be the first game in the German city of Hamburg in the Imtech arena, the Hamburg team in the home court against Bayern Munich team, this is the winter break after the Bundesliga opener. The home team won 1 in the last six games in 5, the visiting team in the last six games 4 wins and 2 losses. Hamburg in the winter warm-up match losing streak, the usher in the offensive and defensive strength very strong Bayern Munich team in the home court, to stop the opponent on the road take the three points I hope.

The last round of the Bundesliga home court in Hamburg 0-1 against Augsburg. At present, Hamburg accumulated 22 points in the Bundesliga standings in tenth place. Hamburg recently the six round of the Bundesliga to get 8 points, the record is not prominent. This performance and the team's standings ranked match. But Hamburg recently had defeated Dortmund 3-1 home court performance. The Bayern guest, never underestimate the enemy. Cable plus is the most threatened Hamburg array in the frontal line player this season, has contributed 6 goals and 2 assists for the team.

Bayern on the road away from Hannover. Muller penalty in the first half of the penalty, which is the only goal of the game, the final victory in Bayern to 1-0. Bayern is currently 46 points, ranking highest in the standings, ahead of Dortmund's score of 8 points. Bayern in the fifteenth round of the Bundesliga season suffered their first defeat (1-3 away defeat to Borussia Bayern), but even with the return to win in Hannover and Yinggesita rail, who gain the victory. Bayern's offensive and defensive performance is quite outstanding, the last six games, they scored 13 goals and conceded only 4.

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