Sweet 27 Championship – Winners List


Congratulations to the following TwoSeven members of the tournament! The jackpot won't stop, more offers wait for you to join, and the next game will be the next big winner!


Serial number User name bonus
One M*0*0* ThreeTwo00 yuan
Two *h*Four*Six Two,Six00 yuan
Three q*Seven*One*Eight*Seven* Six00 yuan
Four *Eight*B*C*I Six00 yuan
Five Five*Four*Two*Two*One One00元
Six *i*g*i*g*Two* One00元
Seven *a*o*0*Eight One00元
Eight *w*c* One00元
Nine w*Seven*Nine*Four*One* One00元
One0 *Eight*c*y*Two*Four One00元
OneOne *Y*Eight*Nine* One00元
OneTwo c*Six*w One00元
OneThree *x*a*q* One00元
OneFour X*x*x*x One00元
OneFive *b*h*u*u*One* One00元
OneSix z*t*Nine*Two One00元
OneSeven *i*a*y*b*n One00元
OneEight p*u*k*Two*0* One00元
OneNine *h*n*q*o*g One00元
Two0 V*v*o*l One00元
TwoOne *a*l*t*o One00元
TwoTwo w*One*Nine*Nine* One00元
TwoThree *o*a*Eight*Eight One00元
TwoFour d*y*Five*Seven One00元
TwoFive *One*Three*Seven*One*Four*Nine One00元
TwoSix y*d*Seven*Seven One00元
TwoSeven *m*Two*Two*One*One One00元
TwoEight s*n*a*g*Eight*Eight* One00元