Live entertainment city – Longhu Trio


The traditional dragon and tiger play, more exciting experience, three table Longhu of your choice, free bets, more exciting youter reality Entertainment City Longhu trio to meet with you immediately log in the game!

Dragon tiger is one of the most popular entertainment city card project. Compare the size at the position of each dragon "and" tiger ", a card, a large number of points for the winner.

Order to K max, and A minimum, regardless of color. The size of the cards are as follows:

K (13), Q (12), J (11), 10, 8, 7, 6, 5,, 2, A (1) ()

"Dragon" and "tiger""

"Dragon" or "tiger", the winner is the winner. When you bet on "dragon" or "tiger" any party, and win, will not be drawn any commission; unless the result is and the Bureau, will be taken as a commission of 50% of the amount of bets.

And Bureau

"Dragon" and "tiger""得到相同的点数(不计花色),即为And Bureau。

Long single \/ double and tiger single \/ double

Bet on the "dragon" or "tiger" single card face for "single" or "double"". Will not take any commission.

When the "dragon" brand for 7 points, betting "dragon single" and "double dragon" lose (excluding color)
When the "tiger" brand for 7 points, betting "tiger single" and "tiger double" lose (excluding color)

投注Long single \/ double and tiger single \/ double只在每靴牌的前35局能参与。

The following figure, after login the game, you can live through the pages, Longhu trio [game] directly into the game immediately.


You can at any time in the three dragon Tiger table betting game, increase your profit opportunities.