NBA event recommended – Rockets VS Spurs

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In December 26, 2015 09:00Rockets VS SpursThe two sides are expected starting:Spurs:Parke, Green, Leonard, Aldridge, and Duncan.Rocket:Beverly, Ariza, Cappella, Howard, james. The rocket has just suffered a defeat, on the 26 day they will return to the home court against the enemies of the spurs. Who is the real king? Please pay attention!

The game youter western sports recommended: 7 points for the spurs.

This Christmas and it is meaningful for the Rockets, they need an exciting victory, if can be at home with the Spurs, the Rockets' role in boosting confidence and, therefore, Howard harden to show the rule of force to win the team. Spurs are currently the best team in the league, Aldridge gradually integrate into the team, play a leading role in the United States, they and Parke to lead the team to beat 8 winning streak.

The Rockets play against the magic, the end of the 3 game winning streak. Harden 31 points and 7 assists, Howard 12 points and 7 rebounds, Lawson 11 points. Although the final only 3 points behind, but throughout the whole performance, the performance of the rocket just passable. In particular, the survival of the three points, the field of 7 in the hit rate of as low as 24.1%, up to 29! This season as Howard and Mo Tai fluctuating state long-term injuries, shelling + three ball had already become the main source of the Rockets score. Nearly 5 games, the team from three field were shot up to 30.4 times, but the hit rate is only 30.2%. In addition, in positional warfare, harden is almost scoring organization shoulders, this is a serious test of his strength and status. In the face of the old and solid, the integrity and the tactical execution of superior spurs, in small series, the Rockets to win, harden good condition is the premise, on the basis of this, the team must reduce errors and improve the rate of three shooting. Currently ranked seventh in the West with a record of 15 wins and 15 losses.

Spurs play to win over the Timberwolves, Hao take 7 winning streak, the current ranking of 25 wins and 5 negative in the west of second. Leonard scored 19 points and 6 rebounds in the game, with a score of 14 points, with a total of 12 points and a rebound of about 8 points for his team, with a total of up to a quarter of a game. He scored a total. The Spurs game, shooting up to 53.7% (three score 41.7%), plus rebounds and assists the advantage of easily pass away no suspense. This season, as a result of the new aid running in and Green state fell sharply, the Spurs offense is not in the best state, but in the defensive side, the field is only 88.8 points above the league's top efficiency. In addition, tactical execution, between the depth and the players that the incomparable degree of understanding, is the largest capital Spurs with strong alliance meet as equals. The face of the Rockets, Popovich is likely to make the anti Leonard harden, once harden was successfully, the Spurs will further increase the chance of winning.