Premier League events – Manchester City VS Sang Delan


In December 26, 2015 23:00 Manchester VS Sunderland Premier League will open the boxing day devil race, the next month will play Manchester City 6 league matches against Manchester City, which is very important. This weekend, the first rival Manchester Sunderland will usher devil race, Pelosi industry hope the team can win in the home court, a good start. Wish city can play good results!

The game of western sports: let 2 ball chupan manchester.

The boxing day devil race open, and strive to 3 points: Manchester City in the last round 1-2 defeat away to title rivals Arsenal, Manchester City has 6 points behind the leaders of Leicester city.

Sunderland: desperate to avoid relegation in the last round away 1-3 defeat Chelsea, Sunderland last 3 round game losing streak, the standings black only 12 points in the bottom second, away from the relegation zone and 5 points behind escape. The boxing day devil race against Sunderland is extremely important, the next 6 games, Sunderland will clash with Manchester City, Liverpool, Vera, Swansea, Tottenham and Bournemouth, every game will be like a black cat cup final.

Pelosi work before that, Saba Laeta and Fernando kompany have resumed training, at present only a wounded Nasri Manchester City team. No accident, Kompani will start on the weekend with the defense team composed of Otamendi, after the hole because of the lack of injury in 8 games, Manchester City lost one of the Games in the field of 4. Sunderland, Kabul, Catmull and Larson injured, Rodwell suspended pantilimon and Adam Johnson will play the old master.
A 1:2 at Manchester City in North London, returning Aguero on the court Luluwuwei did not even a decent shot, but the public discontent had to substitute Pelosi Boni be replaced. After a week of adjustment and training, Aguero's competitive state when picked up, he needs to come up with a convincing performance to prove his position as the main center.

The two sides against the history of 138 games, Manchester City 64 wins 25 flat 49 negative into 240 ball lost 202 ball dominant. The last 3 league games, Manchester City 2 wins and 1 draws unbeaten. Sunderland last beat Manchester City in November 2013. The last time Manchester City lost at home to the black cat goes back to January 1998.

The two sides are expected to start:
Manchester City: Hart, however, Sagna, Kompani, Kolarov, Phil Nandy Neo, Yaya Toure, Stryn, Silva, and Aguero de bruyne
Sunderland: pantilimon, Billy, Jones, Van Anhalt, M'Wila, John Coates, Gomes, Adam, Toivonen, Borini, Johnson, Defoe