Youter W88- bonus code shortcut keys


Youter W88 is committed to provide the best service to the majority of game player, the most comprehensive game, and the optimal operation system. Youter W88- [bonus code] shortcut keys has full network login, immediately log on experience.

Please in[login]State, selectWallet transfer. Following figure:


下拉菜单,在页面最下方将显示您会员等级相应的游戏产品红利代码. Following figure:


Xiao Bian to apply for 20% new members of the deposit bonus as an example:

Please select the game bonus code you are applying for. After the election,[transfer]Game wallet and[bonus code]将自动更新在上方转账页面. Following figure:

This function key advantage: you do not need to manually operate "into the wallet" and "bonus code items," saving your valuable game time!


Please enter your wallet transfer amount, click[confirmation]. Following figure:

Warm tip: each new member can only apply for a first deposit bonus, and each can only choose a game product!


You need to withdraw or transfer funds to meet the requirements of the dividend can be transferred out of funds.Flow calculation: (principal + Bonus) x water multiples

请您按照页面提示选择是否继续. Following figure:


Quick transfer, a key to complete, is so powerful!!! Act quickly


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