Fishing world


[fishing the world]Dive deep into the sea to catch more fish and gold! Mobile version and the web version of the simultaneous update, together with the experience of the new fishing game brings infinite fun ~!

New GG platform to create a unique fishing interface! Are you still looking for fun fishing games? Let's play fishing world, but also stimulate more incentives!


Note Oh ~ ~ ~Since fishing is an independent game wallet, you need to transfer the amount to the game before[fishing the world]Account. As follows:


After the transfer is successful, you can log on to[fishing the world]Game page smooth cool game. As follows:


In the fishing world game is divided into three levels of the game room. Please select the appropriate game room to enter. As follows:

Novice room:Betting gold ratio of 1-9 gold coins

Elite room:Betting amount ratio of 1-100 gold

Imperial house:Betting amount ratio of 100-1000 gold


Cash exchange gold ratio: 1 yuan =10 gold. As shown above, Xiao Bian has successfully transferred 100 yuan to the fishing world game wallet, so the $100 X10=1000 gold. You can put 1000 gold coins[take] (into the game), you can also manually enter the specified amount of gold Click[currency]. As follows:


After the successful exchange of gold coins. Dive deep into the sea to catch more fish and gold coins!

Your location will display the account name:W88 your account (fishing world game code). After entering the game interface is similar to deep-sea fishing, as follows:


1 set the function keys, you can enter the game after the establishment of the information, such as sound settings and odds table. After click as shown below:


2.K increased bet each shot gold line, J reduced bets each shot amount of gold.

3 it is important to note that during the game, if the player uses a mouse to double-click on a single fish, the system will automatically lock the fish.

4 from top to bottom is out of the game room, game room to increase or decrease of gold, can be understood as gold or gold deposit withdrawals to the game room. The last one is the automatic firing button, if you need to cancel and then click once.

如果玩家退出房间,会提示相应信息. As follows:


If you have any questions in the course of the game, please contact us 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!