Share of the desert treasure and understanding the slot machine game player


The vast desert is full of mysterious treasures, and now set out to find the legendary jewels!

Legend, in the sand all over the sky of the desert, following the golden sand buried endless wealth. Naughty monkey, take leave of the mechanism of a camel with this interesting treasure hunt.


The flying carpet, the magic lamp of the treasure in one by one. Dynamic 3D effect, with gorgeous colors, full of exotic elements of the desert assembly, so that you feel the immersive.


Sweet fruit feast give you unexpected bonus, feeding the monkeys will help you find the treasure box in the store, open the surprise award.


Xiao Bian has many years of experience in playing slot machines, today was a player asked: as a new addition to the game players do not know now some of the slot machine game is not what the principle of existence. It must be said that the small series in the spirit of sharing with others, to understand their own here for a share, we can make progress together, I hope to help you earn money in the slot machine game.


The first one can be shared to everyone is that the game process provides unlimited free spin reward link. Free rotation if 3 or more than 3 Indiana symbols, will receive 15 free spins as trigger rotation. As to what kind of conditions can be free to get the opportunity to rotate, we can look at the design of the frequency on the reel.


During the game, there will be a feast of fruits "and" mysterious treasure box "two Indiana links like this. The Indiana reward link is particularly interested in the general game player.The first bonus game: the feast of fruitsIf 3, $4 or $5 triggers a bonus game, win a prize in a round plate of your choice of 3 or 4. Every round of the prize is different, it may have a banana will take you into the second bonus games.


Second bonus games: [mystery treasure box]Feeding bananas to the monkeys will help you find the treasure box in the vast oasis. Choose a place to find the mysterious treasure box. In this bonus game, if 3, 4 or 5 trigger bonus game, will be based on your choice to win the surprise award.



  • All-match pattern
  • Raiders game: a feast of fruits
  • Free rotation
  • Bonus game: Mystery treasure box
  • Full line bet
  • Automatic betting


I think you will have a better understanding of the game after a few games. Log on to the official website began to spin to win a high bonus bar