NBA tournament recommendation – Thunder VS King

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In January 5, 2016 09:00Thunder VS KingThe two sides are expected starting:Thunder:Westbrook, Robertson, Durant, Adams.King:Rondo, Mike Lermo, Gaye, and, by the way of the test, by the test, by the test of the test, and by the test, and by the examination of.

Youter western sports: 11 points for the thunder ".

NBA regular season, thunder vs. kings. The recent strong performance of the thunder, the occasion of the new year on a state of Iraq, the Hornets beat the 4 game winning streak, currently under the double headed little success achieves 24 wins and 10 losses, third in western. While the king on a sun beat termination 3 game losing streak, the game team firepower, Rondo scored 15 points and 15 assists, Gaye 16 points, cousins scored a game high 32 points off the bench, Collison 21 points, Berry Nellie 19 points, the group dropped 142 points in team history for the first time in 23 years, at present the team ranked tenth in the west.

Thunder is currently four winning streak, in the last 15 games lost only 2 games. But the thunder lost defensive - last 4 games and lose points 107.8 points, and 11 games before that only 2 points 100 points. Thunder this season, averaging 108.7 points, second only to the warriors of the field average of 114 points, the last battle of their field average score is up to 118 points.

A king before the end of the sun beat the streak, they are also a scoring teams this season, averaging 105.3 points ranked third in the league, a field is over 142 points (they are scoring the highest since January 3, 1993), they are also the most points at the end of the past two regular time the team in the season. But the king of the season averaging 107.7 points points is the largest union.

Thunder is a two game winning streak, home court to the king 14 straight to the king (Thunder against any opponent of the longest winning streak in the history of home court, tied for fifth, during the game to win 12.3 points), two in the past 26 games, the thunder won 23 times to occupy the upper hand. After the thunder moved to Oklahoma in 2008, the king never won the ball on the ground.

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