[W88] 2015-2016 youter German Football League sixth round race


Beijing time on September 23rd (Wednesday) 02:00, is about to usher in the six round of the 2015-2016 Bundesliga in germany,The following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2015\/9\/23 (Wednesday) 02:00 Bayern Munich Wolfsburg
2015\/9\/23 (Wednesday) 02:00 For Gore Throtha Te Hamburger
2015\/9\/23 (Wednesday) 02:00 Hertha BSC Berlin Cologne
2015\/9\/23 (Wednesday) 02:00 Darmstadt Werder Bremen
2015\/9\/24 (Thursday) 02:00 Leverkusen Mainz
2015\/9\/24 (Thursday) 02:00 Borussia Augsburg
2015\/9\/24 (Thursday) 02:00 Schalke 04 Frankfurt
2015\/9\/24 (Thursday) 02:00 Hannover 96 Stuttgart
2015\/9\/24 (Thursday) 02:00 Hoffenheim Dortmund

 Bayern MunichVSWolfsburg

Wolfsburg与Bayern Munich的比赛无疑是本轮德甲最具话题性的焦点大战。Wolfsburg在冬季转会窗口从中超赛场引进中国球员张稀哲,让他们得到了更高的关注度。而拜仁上轮热身赛做客5-1大胜德乙球队波鸿,近3轮热身赛同样保持3连胜,期间每轮比赛至少保持4粒进球,整体表现较为良好。狼堡本赛季德甲揭幕战与拜仁的狭路相逢中,做客1-2小负对手,近10次对阵拜仁遭遇10连败,近14次对阵1平13,近5个主场面对拜仁战至1平4负,对战处于很大的不利。
Compared to the two teams in the last two seasons to allow customers to slightly lower specifications, and there is a further decline in the trend. In the fundamentals still occupy a dominant position in Bayern, so that the trend of softening the disk posture, the Wolf fort saw the opportunity to compete at home.