[W88] 2015-2016 England eudem Football Super League twenty-second round race


Beijing time on January 16th (Saturday) 20:45, is about to usher in the twenty-second round of the 2015-2016 England football super league tournament, the following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/1\/16 (Saturday) 20:45 Spurs Sang Delan
2016\/1\/16 (Saturday) 23:00 Bournemouth Norwich
2016\/1\/16 (Saturday) 23:00 Chelsea Everton
2016\/1\/16 (Saturday) 23:00 Manchester City Crystal Palace
2016\/1\/16 (Saturday) 23:00 Newcastle West Ham
2016\/1\/16 (Saturday) 23:00 Southampton West Brom
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 01:30 Aston Vera Leicester
2016\/1\/17 (Sunday) 22:05 Liverpool Manchester United
2016\/1\/18 (Monday) 00:15 Stoke City A Senna
2016\/1\/19 (Tuesday) 04:00 Swansea Waterford


The results of this season are on the prowl, the recent state has ups and downs. Maybe the two sides can score a goal and shake hands.

近六场比赛,伯恩茅斯是胜平负各两场,近期起起伏伏,最近一场是主场1-3输给West Ham;而Norwich则是3胜3负,近两场都输球了。

英超过去21轮,Home team伯恩茅斯是5胜6平10负积21分在第15位离降级区只有3分,进球23个丢球37个,攻防两端都差;Visiting teamNorwich则是取得6胜5平10负积23分排在第15位,进球24个丢球35个,攻防两端同样差。


Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Bournemouth hemisphere wins.