2016-2017 Premier League thirtieth round

2016-2017 英超第30轮赛事推荐-优德W88官网

Beijing time on the night of April 1, 2017 19:30, the Premier League thirtieth round a Mersey Derby, Liverpool Reds at Anfield against rivals taffy Everton, Everton is not the inspection teams to.

Race date time Home team Visiting team
2017\/4\/1 (Saturday) 19:30 Liverpool Everton
2017\/4\/1 (Saturday) 22:00 Burnley Tottenham
2017\/4\/1 (Saturday) 22:00 Chelsea Crystal Palace
2017\/4\/1 (Saturday) 22:00 Hull West Ham
2017\/4\/1 (Saturday) 22:00 Leicester The city of Storck
2017\/4\/1 (Saturday) 22:00 Manchester West Brom
2017\/4\/1 (Saturday) 22:00 Waterford Sang Delan
2017\/4\/2 (Sunday) 00:30 Southampton Bournemouth
2017\/4\/2 (Sunday) 20:30 Swansea Middlesbrough
2017\/4\/2 (Sunday) 23:00 A Senna Manchester


Liverpool29战取得16胜8平5负积56分,排在积分榜第四位,比少赛2场的曼联多出4分、比少赛两场的阿森纳多出6分,保住欧冠资格是本赛季的Liverpool的首要目标。有着“劫富济贫”称号的Liverpool上轮1-1战平曼城,继续扮演强队杀手。不利的是,红军的绝对主力拉拉纳国家队Race date间受伤,本场比赛预计将会缺席。

Everton is currently 14 wins and 8 draws in the premier league ranking of the top seventh, the battle effectiveness of the home is very strong, has achieved a winning streak and are all over the top of the game, the last of the 3 home games all zero opponents Everton five. Away is slightly mediocre, nearly 10 away from home, 2 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. The last International Day was a nightmare. Not only did they lose their right back Coleman, but Argentina defender Murray Murray was injured in the game against Bolivia.

两队近10次交手,Liverpool4胜6平未尝一败,进18球失8球,大球5次小球5次,胜率40.0%,赢盘率40.0%,其中主场3胜2平。威廉初盘给出1.67-3.8-5的赔率组合,平赔高挺诱平意图明显,直接剔除平局可能;客胜不乏买进空间,分散Home team投注量,实则主胜无忧。