NBA event recommended – sun VS Lakers

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March 24, 2016 10:00Sun VS LakersThe two sides are expected to start:The sun:Knight, Tucker Arrakis, Booker, Ryan, Loire;Lakers:Hu, Clarkson, Kobe Huertas, Randall Hibbert.

Youter western sports: sun -4.5 ".

This game is the last time the two teams clash this season, Kobe Feinikesi is also in the curtain war, so he said today will play the game. Kobe said in a positive tone: "of course, I will play tomorrow." It is worth mentioning that, in the past four games, Kobe will not play, he has missed 2 consecutive games at the Feinikesi, Feinikesi in his last game, back in October 30, 2014, the game he scored 31 points.

The Suns had suffered a defeat in the home court, Chandler also because of back spasms early exit, Chandler will join in the battle with the Lakers is uncertain. However, considering that this is the last battle with Kobe, I do not know whether Chandler will insist on playing. Nate Booker, the last Lakers have good performance, this time they should have more power, they want to show themselves in front of Kobe, they will drive the team win.

The Lakers with 15 wins and 55 losses record second from the league, the sun with 19 wins and 51 losses record fourth from the league, the game two teams desire to win the lottery concern, according to the rules, second last won the top three ranking probability were 19.9%, 18.8% and 17.1%, and the probability of the bottom third it is 15.6%, 15.7% and 15.6%. The most important thing is that the Lakers this summer draft is the top three protection, if the top three, will be owned by the 76. The last three of the top second to get the total probability of up to 55.8%, the last of the remaining only 46.9% of the remaining third.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game the Lakers 4.5 points wins the recommendation.